1. Overview
At CVGuru AS (“CVGuru” or “we”, “our” or “us”), we are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accuracy of the personal information you provide to us. We are constantly working to protect this information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure and / or alteration. We only collect personal information that is relevant to the purpose we have described. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about how we process your personal information and to inform you about your rights related to this.

2. Purpose
We process your personal information in order to provide our service.

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is Article 6 (1) (b) of EU Regulation 2016/679.

3. Types of personal information
The specific personal information that CVGuru collects can be categorised as follows:
Identifying information (eg title, first and last name, date of birth, gender)
Technical information (eg public IP address, time and date of login, browser activities, browser settings and login ID information. This information is used for security purposes only, including authentication and access control.)

4. Storage of personal data
CVGuru does not store your personal information longer than is necessary for the previously mentioned purposes. CVGuru only stores information for a period that is reasonable for our processing and/ or a period of time required by law.

5. Recipient of your personal information
CVGuru does not share your personal information with specific third parties or individuals.

6. Requests, comments and complaints
6.1 Responsible for processing
The data controller is CVGuru AS.

Our contact information as a data processor for your personal information is:
André Myhren (personvernombud)
Nydalsveien 28, 0484 Oslo

6.2 Integrity Representative
Your privacy representative is:
André Myhren (Privacy Representative)

6.3 Regarding our processing of your personal data your rights are:

6.3.1 Right of access in accordance with Article 15 of EU Regulation 2016/679
You have the right to request information about whether we process information that concerns you and you also have access to this personal information.

6.3.2 Correction of your personal data in accordance with Article 16 of EU Regulation 2016/679
You have the right to demand correction of your personal information that is incorrect or incomplete, including by using an additional statement.

6.3.3 Deletion of your personal data in accordance with Article 17 of EU Regulation 2016/679
You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information in cases where no exceptions have been made that enable storage.

6.3.4 Restrictions related to the processing of your personal data, in accordance with Article 18 of EU Regulation 2016/679
In some cases, you have the right to request a limited processing of your personal data.

6.3.5 Data portability, in accordance with Article 20 of EU Regulation 2016/679
In some cases, you may have the right to request that your personal information be disclosed in a machine-readable format. This right to data portability includes the right to have your personal data transferred directly to another personal data controller.

If you wish to exercise these individual rights regarding your personal information, it is desirable that you contact our client. If you want to contact us, we take your request seriously, but we must share your request with our client. You can send your request related to your personal data rights by contacting our privacy manager. The contact information is given below.

6.4 Complaints
You have the right to send a complaint to a supervisory authority related to our processing of your personal data. In accordance with the principle of a contact point, your supervisory authority is:

Tollbugata 3, 0152 Oslo, Norway
Phone:+ 47 22 39 69 00

If you have other comments, want to exercise your rights related to personal information or have other general questions or requests about this service, you can contact:

André Myhren (Privacy Representative)
Nydalsveien 28, 0484 Oslo, Norway

7. Cookies
When you visit this website, a cookie is stored in your system. This contains information about the layout, desired language and your public IP address. You can prevent the storage of such a cookie through settings in your browser by changing these so that cookies are deleted every time you close the browser. Please note that disabling cookies may completely affect your ability to use this service or service